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Hello all –


The application deadline for SCMS is rapidly approaching, and we wanted to get back in touch with the membership of the SIG to publicize the various urban-related calls for papers that were circulated on the SCMS message board. A big thanks to Josh Gleich, our grad student rep, for his hard work in compiling this list. You’ll find complete info below, with links to the call on the SCMS website. (Please note: in many cases the deadlines for these CFPs is rapidly approaching or has already passed; you will have to verify with the individual panel/workshop organizers whether they are still considering submissions.)


As a reminder, the deadline for panel, workshop, and individual paper proposals is August 31 at 4pm Central Time. Also, please note that you’ll need to be a member of SCMS for the 2012-2013 membership year in order to submit your proposal.


A number of you have gotten in touch directly with us with ideas for your own paper proposals. We’ve had a chance to respond to most of you, but hopefully this email should give you a sense of the different panel and workshop ideas that are circulating amongst the membership at the moment.


If you are unable to find an appropriate home for your paper, please do get back in touch with us as soon as possible. One of our goals for this year is to increase the number of urban-related panels by consolidating individual papers into pre-constituted panel submissions. Due to the nature of the open call process, it isn’t always possible to guarantee thematic consistency. Hopefully we can help address this issue by matching papers up wherever possible and submitting additional panel proposals to the Program Committee.


Also, please stay tuned for more information regarding extracurricular events at SCMS Chicago. As past members will already know, we’ve typically organized a dinner or drinks for members each year, and hope to put something together for Chicago. More on this in the coming months.


Best regards,


Brendan Kredell and Mark Shiel

Co-chairs, Urban Studies SIG




Cityscape as Character: Remapping the Metropolis within Globalism

Contact – Reena Dube, reena.dube@iup.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=445701&


The Ruin as History, Memory, and Spectacle

Contact – Joy Fuqua, JOY.FUQUA@qc.cuny.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=446166&


Representing the Post-Industrial City in Contemporary Urban Cinema

Contact – Brendan Kredell, bkredell@ucalgary.ca

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=446221&


The Action Genre, Urban Space, and Technologies of Vision

Contact – Lorrie Palmer, lbpalmer@indiana.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=446318&


Not Too Far: The ‘Provincial Wave’ in Hindi Cinema

Contact – Suzanne L. Schulz and Arunima Paul, suzanneschulz@gmail.com & arunimap@usc.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=442882&


The Geography and Architecture of Studios

Contact – Mark Shiel

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=446167&


The Gangster Movie Goes Global

Contact – Robert Silberman, silbe001@umn.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=443979&


Contemporary Film Noir and the Spaces of Postmodernity

Contact – Erica Stein, ericastein@email.arizona.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=445200&


The Art and Practice of Location Shooting

Contact – Daniel Steinhart, danielst@ucla.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=445514&


Spaces of Childhood

Contact – Pamela Wojcik, pamela.wojcik.5@nd.edu

More info – http://cmstudies.site-ym.com/forums/posts.asp?topic=435094&


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