Winter 2011 Newsletter

Greetings all – we hope this year is off to a productive start for everyone. SCMS is soon upon us, and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Please pardon us, in advance, if you receive duplicate copies of this message. Many of you were on the initial email list that began to circulate at our inaugural meeting in Los Angeles. Since then, SCMS relaunched its website, and we’re slowly transitioning over to the centralized system that it provides for communicating with group members. Those of you who are registered as SIG members will also have received this message through SCMS. In the future, we will be moving to distribute this newsletter exclusively through the SCMS website, so if you are receiving this and have not already registered as a member of the SIG through the SCMS site, please do so by visiting our group page on the SCMS website.

This will be the first SCMS at which the Urban Studies SIG was actively involved in programming the conference, and we are looking forward to a full slate of exciting events. Many of you may have already glanced through the conference program, which is now available online, but we wanted to call your attention to the specific events the Urban Studies SIG will be sponsoring:

Thursday, March 10

2-3:45pm (Session B): Towards an Urban Approach to Cinema and Urban Studies (Sabine and Brendan will be co-chairing this workshop)

Friday, March 11

10-11:45am (Session E): Shooting City Spaces: Location Filmmaking During the Urban Crisis (Joshua Gleich and Jennifer Peterson will be co-chairing this panel)

1:15-3pm (Session F): Urban Studies SIG meeting (tentatively scheduled to take place in the Boardroom, Level Two)

6pm: Urban Studies dinner/drinks (more info on this below)

Saturday, March 12

4-5:45pm (Session L): Urban Informatics, Geographic Data, and the Media of Mapping (Shannon Mattern will be chairing this workshop)

Sunday, March 13

8-9:45am (Session M): Troubling Childhood in Cinema (Andrew Scahill will be chairing this panel)

In addition to these panels and workshops, there are a number of additional events happening during SCMS that will be of interest to urban/spatial-minded cinema and media scholars. If anyone is participating in a panel or workshop that they would like to publicize to the SIG, please feel free to make use of our group page on SCMS’ website to post information.

Regarding our business matters: our meeting this year is scheduled for Friday afternoon. We will have a number of items to address at that meeting, but if members have particular topics that they would like to put on the agenda, please e-mail either Sabine or Brendan to let us know.

After Friday’s conference activities have concluded, we are planning to host the first of what we hope will become an annual affair: the Urban Studies dinner/drinks. Details are still very much in flux at this point, but we can happily report that SCMS will be (financially) sponsoring this event. For now, our plan is to meet in the conference hotel lobby at 6pm on Friday evening and then depart for drinks and/or dinner. What we need to know from you at this point is whether you will be able to join us. Depending on the group size, we may need to make advance reservations at a nearby bar/restaurant, and having a rough head count will prove very useful in that regard. So please RSVP as soon as possible to Brendan ( if you will be able to join us that evening. More information will be forthcoming as the conference approaches.

Finally, a special thanks to those of you who have contributed your work and your resources to our website, We have recently posted some new material, and one of the things we hope to talk about in New Orleans is how we might develop the site going forward.

All best,

Sabine Haenni Brendan Kredell

Cornell University Northwestern University

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