The ‘Inner City’ in American Film” (Amy Corbin, Muhlenberg College, 2010): A mid-level undergraduate class tracing the history of fictional representations of the “inner city” in American narrative film; focuses on African American landscapes but has some comparison to white immigrant and Chicano landscapes.

Cinema and the City” (Nathan Holmes, University of Chicago, 2010): An undergraduate level class tracing the history of the cinema-city relationship.

The City, The Citizen, ‘The Projects’” (Brendan Kredell, Harold Washington College, 2009): A course on the relationship of the citizen to the city using the modern housing project and “The Wire” as case studies.

The City and Sound” (Shannon Mattern, The New School, 2009): An undergraduate course on the city as a sonic, mediated environment.

Media and Architecture” (Shannon Mattern, The New School, 2009): A graduate seminar examining architecture as media, and the impact that communication media have had on the practice of architecture and the way people experience the built environment.

Cinema and Landscape” (Jennifer Peterson, University of Colorado-Boulder, 2009): An undergraduate course on cinema and landscape, with particular emphasis on landscapes of the American West.

Gender and Space” (Pamela Wojcik, University of Notre Dame, 2010): A course on gender and space that deals with the urban and suburban as well as specific urban and suburban sites, like the department store, cinema, single family home, apartment.

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